PCI Compliance

Determine your security requirements with Mercury Z to meet PCI Data Security Standards!



PCI Compliant Services

Mercury Z offers you a number of PCI compliant services and a complete PCI Compliance solution:

Initial Report on Compliance by PCI Professional

Mercury Z will audit your company’s fulfillment of PCI requirements by assessing your systems, policies and procedures. Once this is complete, your company will be given a report detailing whether you are compliant or whether remediation work is needed before you receive an attestation of compliance.

Quarterly External Scans by Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)

For most companies to maintain adherence to PCI standards, an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) must conduct a Vulnerability Assessment of your company’s internet-facing environments every quarter. Mercury Z will provide our clients with ASV certified external Vulnerability Assessments.

Initial Report on Compliance (iROC)

A Mercury Z security consultant will review your systems, policies and procedures to assess how many of the PCI requirements you are currently meeting. This allows your company to determine your current level of compliance, and to take action before completing a full ROC (Report on Compliance).

Internal Vulnerability Assessment

By conducting a thorough assessment of the vulnerabilities within your enterprise, Mercury Z will deliver a report evaluating your level of risk. This is intended to verify the exposure of your enterprise to malicious exploitation should an unauthorized entity gain access to your internal environment.

External Vulnerability Assessment

This assessment evaluates the external elements of your network for potential vulnerabilities, and their level of exposure to a breach. Mercury Z delivers a report ranking your vulnerabilities, with recommendations on how to remediate them.

Internal Penetration Testing

Mercury Z conducts an Internal Vulnerability Assessment to identify vulnerabilities, which are then ranked from low to high. An ‘ethical hacker’ then attempts to exploit the highly ranked vulnerabilities. You will receive a report ranking the vulnerabilities detected, and demonstrating any successful exploits, with suggestions for remediation.

External Penetration Testing

This test begins with an external vulnerability assessment, which identifies any vulnerabilities in the external elements of your network. An ‘ethical hacker’ will then attempt to exploit vulnerabilities which are ranked as high or critical to test the level of exposure. Mercury Z will issue a detailed report of the findings, categorized by threat level, and demonstrating any successful exploits, with suggestions for remediation.


Mercury Z is able to assist you on many of the remediation services that you may need as a result from running the test scenarios described above.

Mercury Z's Process to PCI Compliance



Depending on where you are in the PCI process, and on which security measures your company has already taken, you may only need one, a few, or a bundling of these services in order to meet PCI requirements. Contact one of our Mercury Z consultants for a custom consult to determine exactly what you need.

Services to maximize your company's security:

VLAN Segmentation Testing

Web App Testing

Internal Penetration Testing

External Vulnerability Assessment

Social Engineering


Why be PCI compliant?

All businesses that process, store, and transmit payment card details need to be compliant of Payment Card Industry (PCI) data security standards.

Mercury Z can help you meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards by offering you key security services, and guiding you through a potentially complex process. We can help you to ensure that you take the right steps towards providing your customers with a secure data transfer environment, by working with you to check off PCI Compliance requirements.

Mercury Z security consultants also recommend Social Engineering services to identify vulnerabilities within the employee base.

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