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Raising awareness of social engineering threats through simulation exercises and security training

Email Phishing Simulation & Security Training

An Email Phishing Simulation and Security Seminar helps your business to increase employee awareness of commonly used social engineering attacks, enabling you to keep your business more secure. When hackers are targeting businesses, they identify weaknesses in people as much as vulnerabilities in networks. By running simulations of potential attacks and holding seminars on how to improve security, your business is taking a vital, and often forgotten step toward protecting your confidential information.


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Are your employees your weakest security link? Your employees may be the next targets of an email phishing attack designed to gain confidential corporate information. They may not be aware of the risks, knowledgeable about identifying suspicious emails or unsure of what to do if they see one.

Email Phishing Simulation & Seminar

Conducting an email phishing exercise will test your employees’ awareness of suspicious emails and their actions based upon what the email asks of them. The Phishing will test the employee's ability to recognize a malicious email and track the depth to which they interact with it: will they open the email, follow the link, enter their credentials etc. Following the Phishing simulation with the Security Seminar, enables Mercury Z to incorporate the specific employee simulation results into the seminar, by expanding on the variety of email phishing techniquest used as well as other social engineering methods, in order to create a more impactful learning experience. Employees will learn about a variety of these methods and how to best avoid potential security pitfalls such as Phishing, Pretexting, Facility breaches, USB drops, etc.


Social Engineering Engagement


Phase 1 Email Phishing Simulation

1)  Consultation: Work with a Mercury Z security expert to determine the ‘targets’ for the exercise (departments, employees, executives, etc.)

2)  Creating the email: Working with you to develop the content and layout of the email

3)  Creating the simulated web page: Working with you, Mercury Z creates a custom webpage which will collect credentials which have been entered

4)  Sending the email: Mercury Z will send out the prepared email ready to capture employee actions and credentials as provided

5)  Technical Review: Validation of spam filtering / SPF records in addition to simulation result analysis

Through a consultative process, Mercury Z discusses the issues presented in the report with IT Management and makes suggestions on areas to include in the seminar to further employee education.

Phase 2 Social Engineering Security Seminar

Social Engineering Security training provided by a Mercury Z security expert gives employees valuable insight into common practices used in email phishing by hackers, how to recognize these potential threats, and how best to react. In addition to the results of the Phishing simulation being presented, the expert will enhance employee knowledge in other areas of Social Engineering such as Pretexting (phone calls), Facility Breach (attempting to gain physical access to unauthorized areas), USB Drop (what do you do if you find a USB), etc. Time is set aside during and after the training for Q&A, which allows employees, to ask further questions of the Mercury Z security expert making the training even more personal.

  • Multiple sessions: A Mercury Z Security Consultant will deliver focused content on Social Engineering, common practices used by hackers, how to spot them and what to do. Benefits employees by enhancing their ability to recognize malicious engagements in both the corporate world and their personal lives.
  • Executive session: Executive management and board members can choose to meet with our security expert for an exclusive interactive session.
  • Video recording: The sessions will be recorded and customized with your company’s logo so they can be used to facilitate remote worker training, new hire orientation, and for annual training programs.
  • Q&A with our Mercury Z Security Consultant: Our security expert is available between sessions to answer any general security questions your employees may have.

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